Welker says – Move the Part, Not the Robot – Check Out the Latest from the Best Automation Component Resource

Nov 14 2017

The Welker Part Presentation Slide offers a cost and space saving alternative to feed conveyors. Utilizing electric actuators, they deliver a 90% reduction in energy usage compared to long stroke pneumatic slides.

Constructed of heavy duty aluminum extrusion, slides are suitable for harsh environments.

Presentation Slides

A single motor unit can drive one or two slides. Dual slide units allow push/pull bin presentation, which buries load time in the cycle.

Slides can be outfitted with trays for standard part bins or floor mounted to pull dunnage carts.

Providing no pinch points or catch points, the part presentation slide is safer for the operator than indexing or accumulating conveyors.

LINK: Welker Presentation Slides