Sciemetric is Your Partner in Industry 4.0 - Connect Machines, Tests and Processes in Your Industrial Operations for the Insight You Need to Make Improvements - Today.

Sciemetric specializes in manufacturing, with technology, experience and products that span processes across the test and assembly line. The breadth and depth of Sciemetric expertise is unique and was gained through walking thousands of manufacturing lines, creating hundreds of applications and installing thousands of systems worldwide. Customers include many of the world’s top manufacturers in a range of industries and many of these relationships are long-standing.

Hardware and Software Data Gathering Technology:

  • sigPOD - Process Monitoring - Delivers the real-time pass/fail feedback and the advanced defect detection capabilites to catch quality issues fast using advanced signature analysis and process signature verification. Learn More:
  • QualityWorX - Data Intelligence Software providing data collection and analysis across every production line, and the tools to create reports, the visualization of data through waveform overlay, allowing easy identification of process deviation and root cause failure.
  • QualityWorX CTS DataHub - CTS and Sciemetric are your partners in leak and data important to optimze yield, boost quality and reduce costs. Check out the:  QualityWorX CTS DataHub
  • Sciemetric Studio - Data Intelligence - a family of next-generation software designed to enable quick, in-depth analysis of production data from across your floor and enterprise.
  • Custom Systems - Special engineered and built machines integrating Sciemetric Technology.

Link: Sciemetric Website