Another Advancement Helping Manufacturers – Turn Data into Insight – Sciemetric QualityWorX for CTS Test Instruments

August 5, 2018

Sciemetric and Cincinnati Test Systems have brought the data management and analytics of Manufacturing 4.0 to leak and flow testing with Turnkey Data Storage and Analytics for CTS Test Instruments.

The QualityWorX CTS DataHub is a turnkey platform for collecting and analyzing data from up to (5) CTS Sentinel instruments at a time, without requiring complex IT support to set up. For more extensive data collection requirements, the QualityWorX CTS Data Connector allows data from a CTS Sentinel instrument to be pushed to a QualityWorX database. This enables consolidation of production data from leak tests with other tests along the line, providing a centralized, accessible and traceable record of part data across assembly processes.

It includes a host PC and Sciemetric Studio analytics software. Sciemetric Studio aggregates serialized leak test data for on-demand and in-depth analysis and visualization. Manufacturers can begin collecting and analyzing data within minutes. Put your Test Data to work for you.

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QualityWorX CTS DataHub is a Joint Product by CTS and Sciemetric.

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