Leak and Functional Testing, Data Management and Manufacturing Analytics


Cincinnati Test Systems is the Industry Leader for Production Test Instruments, Special Engineered Leak and Function Test Systems, Gas Handling Equipment, CTS Connects and Other Key Leak Test Components.

Test Instrument Technology

High-Performance Leak Detection Instruments for Pressure Decay, Vacuum, Mass Flow, Pressure Gain, Ramp-to-Event, Occlusion, Pressure Differential Test Processes.

  • Leak Test Instruments: 32-Bit 24 A/D
  • Single & Multi-Station, Auto Setup, Ethernet
  • CTS Connect Pneumatic and Manual Actuated Seals
  • Traceable Leak Standards - A2LA Accredited, NIST Traceable
  • Auto-Setup and Auto Calibration
  • Absolute Transducer, Quick Test, Environmental Drift Control and much more
  • 2 Year Warranty

Special Designed & Built Test Machines

  • Fully Integrated Production Leak Test Stands with Custom Tooling
  • Tracer Mate, Helium Reclaim Machines and Custom Engineered Systems
  • Functional Test Machinery – Special Designed for Measurement and Verification

Tracer Gas Leak Test Technology

  • Hard Vac Helium Test Machines
  • Purge & Clam Shell Test
  • CS Tracer-Mate Gas Management Instrument
  • Helium Reclaim Machinery
  • Leak Location Systems
  • Calibrated Tracer Gas Leak Standards

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