Cincinnati Test Systems/Sciemetric ‘Take Home the Gold’ – QualityWorx DataHub – 2018 Assembly Tech Expo

November 9, 2018

  • Congratulations to Cincinnati Test Systems for winning 1st Place in the New Product Awards for their QualityWorX CTS DataHub a system that collects leak testing data.  2nd place was presented to DEPRAG for their Adaptive DFS, an automated system which installs flow-drill screws; and 3rd place to Nordson EFD for their Film-Pak, a collapsible adhesive cartridge which reduces waste.  The 12 products were chosen by the editors of ASSEMBLY magazine and voted on by the attendees at the Show.
  • Cincinnati Test Systems and Sciemetric have introduced a new product that aggregates data from multiple leak test instruments into an analytics database for real-time usage. The QualityWorX CTS DataHub helps engineers find answers to the causes of leak defects and helps optimize leak tests to meet quality and yield objectives. The system allows engineers to monitor all processes on the assembly line to identify defects as they occur, so they can be resolved quickly and cost-effectively.

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System Collects Leak Testing Data