The Global Market is driving the need for machines and systems that are more flexible and simple with higher yields and optimum overall performance. Faster time to market, shorter product life cycles and demands on investment capital require working with knowledgeable and proven resources to maximize success.

Prime Systems Network extensive application experience spans the …… Automotive, Consumer Product, Medical, Appliance, Packaging, Defense, Machine Building and General Industrial Markets. Application experience includes but is not limited to the following:

          Automated Machine Components

  • High Speed Centrifugal Parts Feeding Methods
  • Radial & Orbital Riveting
  • Part Presentation Slides
  • Cam Indexers, Precision Link Chassis
  • Machine Base and Custom Weldments
  • All Mechanical Assembly Chassis
  • Vibratory Parts Feeders
  • Flexible Parts Feeders
  • Pneumatic Assembly Presses
  • Pin Clamps, Shot Pins, Tube Clamps, Floating Pins
  • Safety Locks
  • Single or Multi-Axis Slides
  • Material Handling Methods
  • 3D CAD Files
  • Plane Bearings
  • Auto-Index & Roll Dimplers
  • Compact Lifters
  • Automated Part Ejectors
  • Part Storage/Auxiliary Hoppers
  • Robot Pedestals

        Test & Measurement

  • High Speed Discrete Part  Inspection
  • Leak Test Instruments
  • Calibrated Leak Standards
  • Tracer Gas Management
  • Helium Reclaim Systems
  • Functional Test Machines
  • Test Seals – Pneumatic & Manual
  • Purge & Clamshell
  • Volumetric Fill Test
  • Multi-Station Black-Belt Pro
  • Optical Sorting Machines

        Direct Part Marking

  • Automated Laser Marking Equipment
    • Fiber & CO2
    • Tiburon & Green
  • Dot Peen Marking Machines
  • Safety Enclosures
  • Automated Safety Seals
  • MeccoMark
  • 2-D Marking Field
  • Fume Exhaust
  • Process Development
  • Laser Marking Software
  • Rotary Workstations

        Engineered Solutions

  • Automated Test Machines
  • Custom Assembly Equipment
  • Lean Operator Work Cells
  • C-Frame & H-Frame Presses
  • Custom Laser Marking Systems
  • Special ‘Pin Marking’ Machines
  • Custom Machine Bases
  • Engineered Assembly Tables
  • Perimeter Guarding
  • Simultaneous Engineering