“BRUTE” Standard and Custom Steel Blanchard Ground Machine Bases, Weldments, Robot Pedestals



TheBRUTE’ Base is available in (6) standard shapes, multiple standard sizes or custom built to your design. AMG is one of the largest flat grinding shops in the country with (22) large surface grinding machines at your service. AMG also specially fabricates all types of weldments from small pieces up to 20 tons.

Based in Chicago. AMG offers Grinding, Welding, a Steel Warehouse Stocked with Plates to meet your demands, Flame Cutting, Saw Cutting, Stress Relieving, Shot Blasting, and Painting.

American Grinding & Machine Company is experienced and committed to the highest quality standards.

  • Standard or Custom all Welded Machine Bases
  • Robot Pedestals, Heavy-Duty Carts
  • Side Plates, Coolant Troughs, Burn-outs, Shelves and More
  • Top Plates are Blanchard Ground to a Flatness of .002” Per Linear Foot
  • Bolt-On-Tops, Casters, T-Slots and Keyways
  • Special Design Weldments – Built To Print – Contract Surface Grinding
  • Grinding Work Envelope measures 192″ in Length, 63″ in Height and 154″ in Diameter with Lifting Equipment Capable of Moving Parts Weighing up to 10 Toms


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